Karma is the main law governing life in our solar system. By the functioning of that law every thought, every action, sets into motion a cause or causes. The effects stemming from these causes make our lives for good or ill. Continue reading “Karma”

“I seek to place before you the chance to grow in Service, to lift yourselves upward into a new Light, into a new responsibility, and when I call, I shall expect you.

Many there are now who are doing this work for Me yet know Me not, nor know that I am here.

It has always been so, for many work better in the shade.  But you, My friends, have the opportunity for full and conscious service.

Seize it then and begin now.

Take part in a Great Plan which is changing the world, which is drawing together all men and all nations, which is showing the way into the future and back to God.” Continue reading “Grow in Service”

The process of Initiation is of ancient origin. For millions of years, it has been the main stimulus behind man’s evolution, and, for those ready to accept its rigours and disciplines, has provided a sure path of unfoldment of the inner divinity. Continue reading “Initiation”

“Men are Gods, did they but know it.  Naught but ignorance blinds them to their glory.”

~ The Master Speaks – Articles from Share International (The Time Ahead)



A chakra is a vortex or centre of force. For example, our solar system is a centre of force through which energy from the galaxy can be transmitted. Our planet is a chakra in the body of that great cosmic being who ensouls this solar system, who to us is God. Continue reading “Chakras”

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