Serving Now

People spend so much time clearing the way in order to serve, to do the soul’s work in service, that they never actually find time to get around to the service. There is no reason why people should not serve while they are getting on with clearing away the rubbish of the personality Continue reading “Serving Now”

“I seek to place before you the chance to grow in Service, to lift yourselves upward into a new Light, into a new responsibility, and when I call, I shall expect you.

Many there are now who are doing this work for Me yet know Me not, nor know that I am here.

It has always been so, for many work better in the shade.  But you, My friends, have the opportunity for full and conscious service.

Seize it then and begin now.

Take part in a Great Plan which is changing the world, which is drawing together all men and all nations, which is showing the way into the future and back to God.” Continue reading “Grow in Service”

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