A chakra is a vortex or centre of force. For example, our solar system is a centre of force through which energy from the galaxy can be transmitted. Our planet is a chakra in the body of that great cosmic being who ensouls this solar system, who to us is God.

Chakras are formed by the interweaving of energies on the etheric planes of matter. We recognize three states of matter – solid, liquid, and gaseous physical. But esotericists recognize and use four further states of matter finer than gas – the four etheric planes. We live in an ocean of etheric energies. The etheric envelope of the world is concentrated in the etheric body of the human being. All of us have a counterpart etheric body which substands the dense physical body and is an exact replica of it. The constant movement of the ocean of etheric energy gradually creates vortices where the energies criss-cross most often. Each vortex is a chakra, an opening into and out of the body, and all the energies impinging on the etheric physical body flow through these force centres.

There are seven chakras up the spine, located at the base of the spine, the sacrum, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, between the eyebrows and at the top of the head. These are the seven major centres. There are 42 minor centres and many subsidiary centres – for example, the cheeks, the earlobes, the palms of the hands. Through these centres energies flow most potently. In Transmission Meditation, the activity of these centres is heightened and stimulated.

Excerpt: TRANSMISSION ~ A Meditation for the New Age… by Benjamin Creme.  Image: Hubble view of barred spiral galaxy Messier 83


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