A meaningful existence that is creative and spiritual is gradually being galvanized on planet earth for all of humanity to take part in.  It begins with sharing the resources of the world after a global stock market crash soon to take place, which will eventually rid the world of the huge shame of allowing millions to die of starvation unnecessarily.

The arts and creative endeavours of all kinds will become a major part of our lives; the affliction of war, drugs and other trauma that humanity is currently experiencing will become a thing of the past as justice permeates every corner of society.  Humanity will flourish on a renewed planet as environmental concerns are given due priority; and the new, safe and free technology of light will completely transform all areas of life.

These are some of the changes to gradually take place as humanity steps up to take charge of it’s own destiny, under the guidance of Maitreya, a Teacher who is expected by many faiths and cultures under one name or another, all due at these “end times” – the end of this destructive and unjust system of living.  He comes with a group of Men, the Masters of Wisdom, all of which have trodden the path we currently tread and who have evolved to step into Their own divinity.  They are here to show us the way, but it is humanity’s responsibility to initiate the changes we desire.

In the meantime, there is a need for our attitudes to change, globally and personally. When close observations are made of ourselves and each other, politics, economics and other areas in our everyday life, including our relationships with each other, it becomes clear that there is a tangle of energies, between the old ways of competing and the new ways of co-operating and sharing.  May we each take our own small steps to embrace the new while learning from the past.

Much of the information posted on this site is obtained from books written by Benjamin Creme, as noted at the bottom of those articles. His books are available in print or as an e-book; some are also available for free in pdf format.  No affiliate links are used throughout this website.

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