Justice is Divine (part 3 of 3)

How can there be two worlds when the world is One? How can there be division when the law is the same for all men? Presently men will understand that the suffering of the many is the illness of the whole, and that justice alone will provide the cure. Aid provides but half the answer, though aid is essential now. Justice must blossom fully in the garden of men‘s hearts and so set all men free.

Justice creates the conditions in which man can know himself as God. Linked to his brother by love, he can take boldly in his hands his future and fashion it according to the blueprint of God. Many desire that future now, blessed as they are with the vision of the whole, yet naught but work and effort will bring it into being, through the manifestation of justice, love and joy.

Remember as you move towards the future that no one takes these steps alone. As brothers, all, must men proceed along the pathway that leads directly to the Source. From that very Source does justice emanate, relating men in harmony and love.

(May 1984)

Excerpt: A MASTER SPEAKS… Articles from Share International

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