Interpretation of Scriptures

(Excerpt of interview with Benjamin Creme by Rollin Olson)

R.O: People seem to argue endlessly about the interpretation of scriptures. How does one know who has got it right?

B.C: The scriptures, if taken literally, very often make a kind of nonsense. But understood in their more esoteric meaning, as metaphor and symbol, the scriptures of all religions keep trust with humanity, keep that relationship between what we call God, the Logos of our planet, and His expression, humanity and the lower kingdoms. They keep us informed that there is a relationship, that there is a Plan of evolution, that this is not the end, that we will go on until we create perfection on the planet – perfection being the total working out of the Plan of the Logos, in all it’s varied manifestations. Another problem with these ancient scriptures is that they have all, more or less, become distorted in their slow dissemination over the centuries.

Excerpt: THE AGELESS WISDOM TEACHING ~ An introduction to humanity’s spiritual legacy… by Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation).


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