The antichrist

The antichrist is not a man, as Christians believe, who will come out before the Christ, and could even be mistaken for the Christ. The idea comes from the Revelation of St John: the beast, 666, is unchained for a time, and then chained down for a time and half a time. This refers to the release of the energy we call the antichrist. Continue reading “The antichrist”

Serving Now

People spend so much time clearing the way in order to serve, to do the soul’s work in service, that they never actually find time to get around to the service. There is no reason why people should not serve while they are getting on with clearing away the rubbish of the personality Continue reading “Serving Now”


Karma is the main law governing life in our solar system. By the functioning of that law every thought, every action, sets into motion a cause or causes. The effects stemming from these causes make our lives for good or ill. Continue reading “Karma”

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