Justice is Divine (part 2 of 3)

Injustice is a denial of man’s divine potential; it separates man from man and humanity from God. Throughout the world, many are struggling to free themselves from age-long injustice, exploitation and tyranny; to set down at last the yoke carried by their forebears. We, the watching Hierarchy, commend their struggle, for We see it as the expression of the Divine Spark in all men, yearning for freedom and justice. We give them Our Hand as We gaze with compassion on their plight.

There are those who would deny that all men have equal rights to a share of God’s providence. Those who argue thus have listened only to the voice of the separated self, forgetting that naught that they have and hold but comes to them from God. When men take heed of the voice of God within them they find in sharing and justice the only answer to man’s ills.

Today, more and more, that voice of the inner God is being heard. On all sides are arising spokesmen for the dispossessed. The clamour for justice is growing and soon will swell into a crescendo of sound, drowning out the cries for caution which issue from the representatives of the past.

Excerpt: A MASTER SPEAKS… Articles from Share International

Photo: On Thursday June 13 2013, the Turkish Prime Minister issued a final warning to protesters occupying Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Gezi Park, saying his patience had run out. He called on the mothers of Istanbul protesters to take their children in hand. The mothers in turn came out in great numbers to join their hands and form a human chain between riot police and their sons and daughters.

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