Serving Now

People spend so much time clearing the way in order to serve, to do the soul’s work in service, that they never actually find time to get around to the service. There is no reason why people should not serve while they are getting on with clearing away the rubbish of the personality, but people do not. They say: “I will serve when I am ready, and I will be ready when I am clear, and I will be clear when I do this and that, when I meditate for the next 50 years, or when I go through this rebirthing and that releasing and go to this guru and that group, and so on.” They do not get around to serving.

I am putting the emphasis on the role of service in the evolution of the disciple. You may be talking about the activity of the aspirant. I am talking about disciples. Probationary disciples also are tested and called upon to serve. It is their proven capacity to serve which makes them fully-fledged disciples. The need of the disciple is to serve. The beauty of the disciple is his service. Because the disciple is already in touch with his soul, if he does not use in service the energy which comes to him from the soul, he becomes neurotic, it turns bad on him. The neurosis of disciples are the outcome of their wrong use, or non-use, of soul energy.

Excerpts: MAITREYA’S MISSION ~ Volume One… by Benjamin Creme

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