The Great Service

The Masters call Their work the Great Service. They are here only to serve. They have made that Their work, Their reason for being, because They know that there is nothing more important in the whole of the manifested universe than service.

That there is a universe at all is due to the service activity of the great Consciousness which stands behind it and has brought it into manifestation. The reason that we are on this planet, as thought-forms in the mind of the creating Logos, is because the Logos Himself is serving the plan of evolution of the Solar Logos. We are part of that great plan and if the Solar Logos sees service as the be-all and end-all of His activity then I think, as dim reflections of that deity, we may reflect that we must ourselves be about service. It could not be otherwise.

Excerpt: TRANSMISSION ~ A Meditation for the New Age… by Benjamin Creme


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