Fire of Love

A greater power, heart and mind is conceiving that mighty renewal of life which will be so much more than mere worldly expectations. The Tibetan Master tells us:

“The vision which many have of the influence and work of the [coming] Avatar …is that of a Great Appearance which will end all strife, inaugurate the new era of peace and goodwill, soothe the hearts of the people and lead mankind into realms of beauty and of happiness. He will be the consummation of the wishful thinking of countless minds down the ages. He will be the solace of distressed humanity. He will sweetly love and quietly deal with His Own people and will sweep the evil doer out of the Earth and prevent him from again molesting the peace of the world.
I tell you that such a picture does not enter into the vision of reality at all. It is based on theological interpretations and human selfishness; it is founded on the misery of mankind and on the failure of disciples and aspirants everywhere to grasp the true nature of love and the real vision of the hierarchical Plan.

It is the Fire of Love which He will bring; it is the message of the purificatory fire which He will sound; He will not teach anent the waters of purification, as has hitherto been the symbolic imparted truth; He will impart the fire which burns and destroys all barriers in man’s nature, all separating walls between individuals, between groups and between nations…”

(Discipleship in the New Age I, page 722)

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