Death and the Eleventh Hour

“I come at the eleventh hour to save My sparks of life. The sparks of life are each and every individual Self. If someone is in trouble and he is My disciple (one who applies the teaching), I come to console and guide him.”

526416_369149209878524_1467005586_n“Death is also the eleventh hour. Does it hurt you when you change your clothes? When you leave your body, it will not hurt you. You may panic. This is your eleventh hour. At this moment, everything stands still. I am with you, and with everyone, at their eleventh hour. I help the one who is slain and the one who slays, I give experiences to both. When Jesus was on the cross, I was by the side of both crucified and crucifier at the eleventh hour. When Jesus saw this He said: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.'” Maitreya says: “In victory and in defeat, I am with you.” When the moment of death comes, the person experiences a sort of loneliness, as if things are moving away from him. “At that moment, I am also helping the person to become detached.”

Maitreya explains this through the symbolism of numbers: eleven (11) is understood as one plus one (1+1). Therefore, “At the eleventh hour there is none except you and Me.” “When there is none except you and Me, everything dissolves around you. There is tranquility, peace, grace. All karmas (conditioned activities) cease.”


Excerpts: MAITREYA’S TEACHINGS ~ The Laws of Life… Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme.




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