Q: Will the Buddha play a supportive role on the Day of Declaration?

A: Yes. The Buddha has been playing a supportive role since Maitreya’s decision to appear, which was made in 1945. The Buddha is no longer in the Hierarchy but is related to it. He is on a higher level than Hierarchy, namely Shamballa, the Centre where the Will of God is known. He is on the Council of the Lord of the World and acts as the Divine Intermediary between Shamballa and Hierarchy. Every year at the Wesak Festival He comes very close to the Earth and brings energy from Shamballa, which is distributed out to the world for the next year.

Every year since Maitreya’s statement that He would return to the world, the Buddha has stood behind Him. There is also a closer association in that Maitreya now has the use of what are called “the Buddha’s garments”. The Buddha is the embodiment of the wisdom aspect of divinity on the planet, and His “garment” is that divine Wisdom. Maitreya can use the Wisdom of the Buddha, together with His own Love, to know the necessary teaching in approaching the people of the West and the East. He can see the world through the Buddha’s eyes just as He sees it through His own eyes.

Maitreya and the Buddha are two of the earliest of humanity to take initiation, back in early Atlantean days, and have been together ever since. Maitreya is still in the Hierarchy. The Buddha is now on Shamballa, and helps Maitreya in every way possible. There are other great Beings Who overshadow Maitreya, and add Their extraordinary cosmic energy to His energy. There never has been an Avatar as equipped as Maitreya now is, because no Avatar has ever had such a task as Maitreya has today.


Excerpt: THE GREAT APPROACH ~ New Light and Life for Humanity… by Benjamin Creme.





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