Heightening Vibration

Q: Is being a vegetarian required to be a disciple? Does this allow eating eggs, fish, dairy products? (May 1999)

A: The Master Djwhal Khul has said that eggs are not good for anybody who wants to develop his psychic abilities. They should be either given up altogether or eaten only very rarely. It is up to you. If you know something is holding you back in evolution, it is best to eat it as little as possible. Meat should be dispensed with for anyone reaching at least the first initiation, and I am sure a Master would say for all further initiations as well. The vibration in the blood of animals is inimical to our spiritual progress. It holds back the evolution, and so, if you are trying to heighten the vibrational rate of your vehicles to bring in more light, you are better not to eat meat.

The interesting thing is that aspirants of their own free will often become vegetarians as they approach the first initiation. Many young people are coming up to the first initiation and that is why they have become vegetarians. They may not know that, but the soul is impressing them to give up meat-eating.

My Master says that fish comes under another category. Its vibrational rate is neutral. It does not help, but neither does it hinder, the evolutionary process. If you live in areas of the world where there is little protein, then, of course, fish will provide the protein without lowering the vibrational rate of the body. Jesus and His disciples ate fish and goat’s cheese pretty well every day. Fish, goat’s cheese and bread was the main diet of Jesus and His brethren.

Dairy products are acceptable but not with too much fat. Preferable are products like goat’s cheese (and other cheeses) and milk. Not too much butter, because of the cholesterol, but better a tiny bit of butter than a lot of margarine.

Nobody is made to give up meat-eating but if you are intent on heightening the vibrational rate of your vehicles, then it does become necessary.


Excerpt: THE GREAT APPROACH ~ New Light and Life for Humanity… by Benjamin Creme.


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