EVOLUTION AND INITIATION ~The Gospel Story and the Path of Initiation. (part 3 of 5)


The “born-again” Christian groups have an inkling of the truth, in that the first initiation is the “second birth” of the Bible; but, of course, this is an experience shared by millions today, throughout the world, and not exclusive to the “born-again” Christians.

The first initiation demonstrates control over the physical body, in particular over the tiny devic (or elemental) lives which make up the physical body of man. The second initiation demonstrates control over the astral emotional body or elemental lives which make up that vehicle. This is called the Baptism Initiation and is symbolized for us by the Baptism of Jesus at Jordan.

The third – the first true, soul, initiation – is called the Transfiguration and is symbolized by the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount. It demonstrates control over the mental elemental body and brings in Monadic or spirit contact and energy for the first time: “The Jewel in the heart of the Lotus.”


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S MISSION ~ Volume One… by Benjamin Creme.




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