EVOLUTION AND INITIATION ~The Gospel Story and the Path of Initiation. (part 4 of 5)

Jesus entered the world at Bethlehem as a third-degree and so simply symbolized these three stages of growth for us. He had to undergo the fourth initiation and did so in full physical fact to dramatize, symbolically, for our sake, the experience of Renunciation. In the West this initiation is known as the Crucifixion; in the East it is called the Great Renunciation, when all is renounced – position, family, even life itself if necessary – for the higher spiritual life.

Then follows (and this is the core of the Christian gospel story) the fifth initiation, the Resurrection, symbolized by the resurrection of the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion. Each initiation attracts to the bodies of the initiate matter of sub-atomic particles – literally, light. By the fourth initiation the bodies of the initiate are three-quarters sub-atomic or light. This process is completed at the fifth or Resurrection Initiation, when the initiate stands free from the pull of matter forever, a perfected Master. The evolutionary goal has been achieved and the Master has finished his life experience on this planet. His choice of whether to remain on this Earth and so serve the Plan of our Planetary Logos is His alone.


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S MISSION ~ Volume One… by Benjamin Creme




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