EVOLUTION AND INITIATION ~The Gospel Story and the Path of Initiation. (part 2 of 5)

6516_352332348226877_280199873_nSeen from the esoteric standpoint, the gospel story is really the story of initiation, a story presented to humanity again and again, in different ways, long before Christianity. The account of the life of Jesus is the symbolic presentation, dramatically re-enacted for us, of the initiate’s journey to Perfection.

The first initiation is called the Birth of the Christ and is symbolized by the birth of the Disciple Jesus at Bethlehem. When the evolutionary energy which we call the Christ Principle or Consciousness is awakened in the human heart (the spiritual heart centre at the right side of the chest), the man or woman becomes ready for preparation to take the first initiation.

It is important to realize that the person is already an initiate before he or she stands before the Initiator. The human soul, the first master, brings its vehicle to the point of initiation through its life experience and meditation. Then the Master (of the Hierarchy) steps in, and by a combination of stimulus, testing and presented service opportunity, prepares the candidate to come before the Hierophant to receive the impact of the energy from the Rod of Initiation which He wields. The Christ, Maitreya, is the Hierophant at the first and second initiations, the third and higher initiations being taken before the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, at Shamballa.

“I am the Way.” “No man can know the Father except through me.” These sayings of the Christ are esoterically true, but they have been interpreted by the churches, quite wrongly, to mean that Christianity (or, more correctly, Churchianity) is the only religious path; that only if a man accepts the (man-made) dogmas and doctrines of the Christian Church can he know God. The Christ embodies the Christ Principle on this planet. That is an energy which flows from Him to us. It is through the manifestation of this Principle that we re-orient ourselves and enter the Initiatory Path. In this sense, He is indeed “the Way”. Likewise, only when one has stood before the Christ at the first two initiations can one open up contact with the Monad, the Spirit, the “Father in Heaven”, which leads to the third initiation before Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S MISSION ~ Volume One… by Benjamin Creme





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