As we create in our planetary life conditions of chaos and disequilibrium, so we affect the natural world.  All atoms in creation are interconnected.  There is no separation anywhere.

The unusual climatic conditions of today – earthquakes, hurricanes, floods – are the result of the wrong thoughts and actions of humanity.  They need not occur; they are not ‘acts of God’.  They take place under the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma.

If, as today, we create conditions in which two-thirds of the world’s population must make do with one-fourth of the world’s food, and therefore starve and die in their millions, then catastrophe is inevitable.


Millions of people in the Third World die of starvation, not because there is inadequate food, but because we in the developed world usurp and greedily waste most of the available supply, and 83 per cent of the energy and other resources.  There is actually a surplus of food in the world of ten per cent per capita, yet millions starve because we in the developed world are greedy, selfish and complacent.

That, more than anything, immediately concerns Maitreya.  As He said in one of His messages given through me: “I can no longer stand aside and watch this slaughter, watch My little ones die.”  And in another: “The crime of separation must be driven from this Earth.  I affirm that as My purpose.”


Excerpts: MAITREYA’S MISSION Volume 1… by Benjamin Creme.  Photo taken by Mike Wells of the hands of a missionary and a starving Ugandan boy.



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