Spirituality and Life in the New Age ~ THE ARTS


I think it is true to say that the art of today must reflect the disintegrative processes of society in general and must share some of the plight of our present collapsing civilization.

The conditions for a tremendous flowering of the arts are not with us yet, although great composers and artists are born and work today just as at most other times. The Master DK has prophesied that the 4th ray of Harmony (as it is called) will be coming into incarnation early in the next century [now this century, as this statement was made in January 1983] and will lead to a massive development of the creative life, in combination with the 7th ray of Organization. That combination produces the very highest type of artists and will lead to a regeneration not simply in what are called the “creative arts”, but in our lives. Everyone will become creative in their living in an altogether new way. The Master DK has likened the art of today, in relation to that of the future, to children’s building bricks in comparison with great cathedrals like Durham or Milan. There is no doubt that there will be a great flowering of creativity in the future.


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S MISSION ~ Volume One… by Benjamin Creme.  Image made by year 8 student in the UK, “Beth”, 2011.


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