Technology of Light

There will be a new technology called the ‘technology of light’. We will begin to use light directly from the sun. All forms of power used today will become obsolete. This new energy will supply every energetic need of humanity. And, of course, it cannot be cornered by any individuals or groups. It is everywhere, free to all, and is endless in its ramifications.  It will also have medical applications in connection with a more advanced aspect of the genetic engineering in which humanity is already engaged. Whole organs will be recreated. Instead of having heart, liver, kidney transplants, you will simply go to a clinic for a few hours and, with this genetic engineering technique and the technology of light, a new organ will be built into the body without surgery. I do not know how many times, but perhaps once or twice per life.

Transport will become so apparently motionless, so silent, vibrationless, that fatigue will disappear, and we will be able to go on long journeys without feeling tired. Also, a time is coming when humanity, just by thought, as the Masters do now, will be able to place themselves anywhere in the world. So if you want to go to Australia, think yourself there and back again.

We have to become decent human beings and recognize that we are one, brothers and sisters of one humanity, and therefore that the food, the raw materials, the energy, the scientific knowledge, the technology, the educational systems, the healthcare of the world belong to everybody, and must be redistributed more equitably around the world: so that we create the reality of the one humanity, the brotherhood of man. And in this way, we will create the right conditions to deserve all these technological advances.


Excerpts: THE AGELESS WISDOM TEACHING ~ An introduction to humanity’s spiritual legacy… by Benjamin Creme – Share International Foundation.  This book is available for free online; you can find out more about it or order it here:

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