If you do not know yourself as the Self, you can become attached to body, mind or spirit.

If you are attached to the body, you will find that there is no end to material desires and sensual gratifications. Greed grows, the search continues, and satisfaction always eludes you. If you are attached to the mind, you can become entangled in thought constructions, ideologies, isms to which there is no end. The more you search, the further afield you go. The more you find, there will always be unknown regions. In fact, you can get lost here. You do not feel fulfilled. If you are attached to spirit (power) you will dabble in regions which can never be fully understood, via a host of isms such as occultism, spiritualism, etc. To dabble means to misuse.

As an example, spiritualists believe they can contact the dead. So called mediums are in fact “tuning in” to vibrations which are still within the realm of mind, spirit and body. “Where is the Self who has departed?” He is no longer in the body, which has been either cremated or buried. He is no longer in the mind, which the Self experienced, as a temple of the Lord, for a fixed period of time. Likewise, the Self is not the power (spirit) which is experienced by the Self as a temple of the Lord. “No spiritualist can recall the Self.” Since you are the Self, who is the medium recalling? Only a Master can recall the Self, on rare occasions dictated by spiritual law.

This is why Maitreya advises: “Do not be attached to the physical form of a Master. Otherwise, when He is not there, you will grieve. When you know yourself as the Self within, such grief disappears.”

Jesus warned against the misuse of powers. Even if you come across them, even if they develop in you, do not become attached to them. Do not try to possess them. If you do, they will destroy you. They are not yours.”


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S TEACHINGS ~ The Laws of Life… Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme. (Image original source unknown)


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