Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is one of the easiest, sweetest and most elegant ways to remember the Lord. In prayer there is always detachment. In prayer you have no weight, no cares – this is a state of absoluteness. You experience the presence of the Almighty. “In prayer you will never be lost.”

Meditation means a conscious process of detachment. There is a beginning of awareness of mind, spirit and body as vehicles for the Self. But in meditation you can be lost if you do not know the proper approach, that is, if there is an attachment to spiritual powers. The Self is able to move in and out of mind, spirit and body. But powers do exist around the Self. If the power of spirit is able to draw the Self to it, the Self gets engrossed and remains wrapped in that energy which can be either constructive or destructive. This leads nowhere. In power (spirit) per se, there is no salvation. In meditation, you can maintain equilibrium in mind, spirit and body through detachment. This is a long process.


Excerpt: MAITREYA’S TEACHINGS ~ The Laws of Life… Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme. (Image original source unknown)

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