Initiation through the Christ

One of the most important duties of the Christ is as “nourisher of the little ones” as it is called. That involves nourishing those who have taken the first two initiations and preparing them for the third.

One is already initiate as one stands before the Initiator; the Christ at the first two initiations and the Lord of the World at the third and higher initiations.  Otherwise one’s chakras could not stand the inflow of the fire from the rod of initiation. In the case of the first two initiations of the Lesser Rod as it is called, used by the Christ, or, at the third and higher initiations, the Flaming Diamond, which is charged from the Central Spiritual Sun and is focused through the chakras of the initiate by the Lord of the World.  One of the major tasks of the Christ is to so stimulate the aspirants and disciples of the world that they can pass through the ‘Gates’ twice before Him – take the first two initiations – and come before the Lord of the World, Himself, take the third initiation and become divine.
Excerpt: TRANSMISSION ~ A Meditation for the New Age… by Benjamin Creme (image: John De Bord)

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