The danger of commercialization, apart from the exploitation of the peoples of the Third World, is the commercialization of our concepts, our values, our ways of looking at the world. This is why Maitreya says it is more dangerous for the world than an atomic bomb. It just quietly, subtly, infuses all aspects of life. It takes over. The business economy and the need for profits simply become the norm in politics, healthcare, education, transport. It has no place in education or in healthcare or in the democratic political process. Yet it is allowed to infiltrate and then control each of those essentially service activities of humanity. That is its danger. It is so subtle. We do not see it happening.

Water is privatized, can you imagine?  They take the fundamental resource for all life on the planet and they privatize it.  Our water in England belongs partly to France because they bought the shares.  The Americans, too, have a big investment in British water, British gas and British electricity [first published 2001].

This is global commercialization.  In one way it can be projected as a benefit for humanity because it is international.  It is giving humanity the sense that everything is international, that we all belong to everybody else, but, of course, we do not.  We all belong to the big corporations.  They do not care in whom they invest so long as the rewards are sufficient to pay the huge, bloated salaries of the executives…  It is utterly ruthless, and right human relationships, which is what service is about, goes out of the window.

You do not need to accept the present system…  If you are aware, you do not take the whole thing at its face value.  You do not say: “You know, we are getting this pretty cheap.  That is great.  Prices are coming down on this.  Great.”  You have to realize the price comes down because someone in Africa has been paid even less for the products which created it.  You have to be aware, and not identify with the system… it is at the end of its life.  You can give it that push which will end it.

Excerpts: THE GREAT APPROACH ~ New Light and Life for Humanity… by Benjamin Creme.  (Original source of image unknown)

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