Harmlessness is the key to the new beauty in relationship which will emerge.  A new sense of responsibility for actions and thoughts will guide each one in every situation; an understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect will transform men’s approach to each other. A new and more harmonious interaction between men and nations will supplant the present competition and distrust. Gradually, mankind will learn the art of living, bringing to each moment the experience of the new. No longer will men live in fear – of the future and of each other. No longer will millions starve or carry the burden of labour for their brothers.

Each one has a part to play in the complex pattern being woven by humanity. Each contribution is uniquely valuable and necessary to the whole. However dim as yet the spark, there is no one in whom the fire of creativity cannot be lit. The art of living is the art of giving expression to that creative fire and so revealing the nature of men as potential Gods.

Excerpt: THE ART OF LIVING ~ Living within the Laws of Life… by Benjamin Creme. (image original source unknown)

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