The present moment

We have to understand there is no past, present or future. There is only this moment now. That is all there is. This exact moment is reality.


Our distorted vision, our illusionary makeup makes us think of the past and the future, but essentially there is only now. That is how the Masters see reality. That is why it is so difficult for the Masters to give to any event a correct, accurate date, in our terms and meaning of date.

Many people are disappointed that Maitreya seems to delay His coming out. He is not delaying it. It is simply that it takes longer for the timing of the event on the physical plane to coalesce with the event that has already happened on the higher level.

We are also responsible for when an event takes place. This is something people leave out of the equation altogether. We have a tremendous input into what happens and, therefore, the timing of any event. If we do nothing at all then it will happen at a certain time. But if we respond and act on our beliefs, we create circumstances that impose a time factor on that event – either to delay it longer or to bring it forward.

The people who are the most concerned and disappointed, the most longing for action on the part of Maitreya to make Himself known to the media, to get on with the work – these very people are the ones who do nothing at all to make it happen. They have never given a talk about Maitreya. They have never talked to anyone or told their family about what they really think and hope for. They keep it all to themselves like an inner secret.

We need to make things happen. “Man must act and implement his will,” Maitreya says. “Nothing happens by itself.” If we want something to happen we have to implement our will, and not just leave it to fate or Hierarchy or time or someone else to do it. We have to do it.


Excerpt: THE GATHERING OF THE FORCES OF LIGHT ~ UFOs and their Spiritual Mission… by Benjamin Creme.  Image: ‘Infinity o’clock’ by Gary Cummins.

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