Angels and Devas

The Master Serapis is a very advanced, an ‘ascended’, Master, a sixth degree initiate, head (Chohan) of the 4th-ray ashram in the Hierarchy. (There are seven major ashrams and, stemming from each, six subsidiary ashrams, so there are 49 ashrams altogether.) The Master Serapis is one of the Masters very actively engaged in the reappearance of the Christ, and works with the angelic or devic evolution. He has contacts with the human evolution to be sure, but His main work is with the devic or angelic evolution, a huge parallel evolution to the human. He is also a great inspirer of art and music.

Angels, or devas, range, in evolution, from sub-human to the human to super-human. Everything in cosmos is becoming human, is human, or has gone on beyond the human; we are the midway point where matter and spirit meet, and through which all evolution goes.

There are billions of devas of all kinds, higher and lower. Maitreya has been called by the Buddha, and later by St Paul, “The Teacher alike of angels and of men.” He is the World Teacher, He has brought into the world certain great angels who eventually will work with humanity. Many people imagine that they are in touch with angels. My information is that this is not correct. Angels do not work as yet with humanity; they work for humanity but not with humanity. In the future, as humanity advances and its vibration is raised, more and more people will be able to work with the deva evolution and much healing will be learned in this way. That is the major aspect of the work of Serapis at this time.

Excerpt: THE GREAT APPROACH ~ New Light and Life for Humanity… by Benjamin Creme.

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