The Masters in the World (part 2 of 2)

In due course, the stage will be set for the Restoration of the Mysteries. Schools for advanced students will be opened at various sites, both ancient and modern, in several countries.Eventually, there will be found, stretching across the world, a network of these training centres for initiation into the Mysteries. The Mysteries are the mysteries of man‘s origin and purpose, and hold hidden the key to controlling the forces of the universe. With time, a very large number of men will pass through these schools, entering thereby, stage by stage, into the mind of the creating Logos. In this way, the Masters will oversee the evolutionary process, outwardly and openly in the world. For long have They prepared Themselves for this purpose, awaiting the day of Their emergence. That day has been signalled by the Christ; He leads His brothers into the world. They are the Exemplars and the guarantee of man’s future achievement. Their work will open up for men a new vision of their potential.

All of this presupposes the acceptance of the Christ and His proposals for the well-being of humanity: the implementation of the principle of sharing and the restructuring of the world along more just and more rational lines. We await, with confidence, man’s decision.

(October 1984)

Excerpt: A MASTER SPEAKS… Articles from Share International.

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