The Masters in the World (part 1 of 2)

When the Masters establish Their presence in full view of the world, a great change will take place in the relationship existing between humanity and Them. Whereas, until now, They have been remote and removed from close contact with all but a few disciples, in the immediate future the Guides of the Race will foster a deeper and more continuous form of co-operation with mankind. This process, known as the Externalization of the Hierarchy, has already begun and several Masters have established contact with groups on the physical plane. So far, this contact has been restricted to groups working in the fields of economics, administration and science, and to a lesser extent in education, but the time will come when Their inspiration and guidance will be given freely to all the groups working to rehabilitate the world.

From that time onwards, an entirely new system of communication will be established between the Inspirers and humanity. For the most part, telepathy will continue to be the mode of contact, especially where disciples are concerned, but where necessary, the Masters, who have undergone special training for this purpose, will use the ordinary modes of speech. This will bring within the orbit of Their influence many who would otherwise not receive this stimulus.

Then the true training of humanity will begin. Firstly, colleges will be established where the most promising students will be taught the elementary levels of the new sciences, including the science of the soul. These new sciences, it will be found, will cover all aspects of the natural environment of man, both the seen and the unseen, from the subatomic to the cosmic. In this way, a new vision of the glory of the unseen worlds will be given to man; a spirit of co-operation between different disciplines will be fostered and a new, broader, more inclusive outlook will replace the present fragmentation. Thus will the Masters work, stimulating and strengthening the minds of men, inspiring them to new heights of inquiry and achievement.

(October 1984)

Excerpt: A MASTER SPEAKS… Articles from Share International.

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