A gradual process of unfoldment is taking place.  Maitreya is appearing increasingly to more people, especially to politicians, who are puzzled.  To them Maitreya says “If you ride the big wave of your ideology and then land with a thump you will realize you cannot rule the masses with ideology.  You cannot play with the lives of people.”

The art of politics is the art of reconciliation while respecting diversity.  Those who play with power and life, who are attached to greed and ideology, end up by making war that destroys life.  When a leader refuses to respect the realities of life, then accidents, sickness and death await them.  We shall witness this process of ill health among many politicians.

The younger generation, and ordinary people everywhere, expect politicians to set an example, to serve the people with honesty, sincerity and detachment.  No leader is attending to his duties in the right fashion at the present time [first published 2oo5].  Instead of fulfilling the will of the Lord, they are merely fulfilling their own desires.  This way lies nothing but confrontation, confusion and chaos.  “It is the destiny of nations and countries that you are playing with.  What are you doing for the younger generation?  Nothing.  You want them to walk in your footsteps, but there is a gap growing between the older and younger generations.  Society will not be what the older generation is hoping for.  It will be completely different.”

Politicians cannot continue to bombard people with legislation and nothing else.  A better way to rule must include real contact with real people.  The needs of the people have to be addressed.  Only then can they be educated in terms of self-respect, which leads to self-awareness.  The values of the individual must be safeguarded.  At present, there are few mechanisms of communication between leaders and the people.  Nevertheless, contact ‘on the ground’ is necessary.  If real needs are addressed, corruption will decrease, and the prison population will fall.


Excerpts: MAITREYA’S TEACHINGS ~ The Laws of Life… Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme.


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