Sharing is the Natural Way for Men to Live Together

The ‘gambling casinos’, the world’s stock markets, continue their dizzy climb to a still higher platform from which to fall headlong into chaos.

The marvel is that many wise heads shake and warn, but in the excitement of greed, few hear the warning voices. Thus the stage is being set for the collapse of the present economic disorder. Thus men stoke the fires of their own undoing.

Into this turmoil will step Maitreya. Men will turn to Him for answers to their dilemma. Maitreya will show the answers are simple but until then difficult for all but a relatively few to accept: that sharing is the natural, if untried, way for men to live together. That thus will begin the end of men’s major problems.

From ‘The voice of the future’ by the Master
(Share International, March 2000)

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