Be Who You Are

“I, Myself, have come.  I cannot be caught in any isms.”  [Maitreya]

The time will come when people will understand this naturally without fuss because they feel free within.  This is why Maitreya says:  “I have not come to create followers.”

If you follow Maitreya in the sense that you would follow Mohammed, Jesus or the Buddha, you are creating a coercion in yourself.  You are no longer yourself.  You are a follower.  It is not interesting to be a follower.  It is not that Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism is wrong or not right, it is that they are not you.  If you follow, you are losing yourself.  You have to be who you are.  Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity might help you to come to know who you are, but it is the knowing who you are that is the important thing, not being a follower of Buddha, Krishna or Jesus.


Excerpt: THE ART OF LIVING – Living within the Laws of Life… by Benjamin Creme. (Photo: spiderweb from an old garden in South Australia, in the rain.)

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