Humanity’s Guiding Light

It has always been the policy of the Spiritual Hierarchy to keep humanity informed of, and in touch with, all aspects of esoteric knowledge that can safely be made open and exoteric.

For long centuries this has been possible to but a limited degree. Over the past century, however, more information has been given, and more knowledge released, than at any time in the history of the race. That this is so reflects the growing comprehension by man of the subtle inner laws governing the outer appearances of things and events and, at the same time, his sensed need to play a fully conscious part in his own evolution and development.

Standing as we do at the threshold of the new era, we may look with confidence to an unprecedented release of hitherto guarded teaching which, when absorbed and understood, will throw greater light on the mysteries of the universe and the nature of man’s Being.

Excerpt – The Master, through Benjamin Creme


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